Simply Smiles
For too many children in this world, Home, is an elusive concept. Every child needs a safe and loving home in order to grow and thrive. Life on the street is difficult and dangerous, particularly if they are alone and without a family. In Oaxaca, Mexico, there is a place for children that is making a difference. Run by the not-for-profit organization, Simply Smiles, the Home for Children, is a bright and cheerful environment in which the children are cared for and loved.



The Road Home: Helping Veterans Make the Transition
Over two million Americans served oversees in Iraq and Afghanistan. Many have returned. Others are coming. For many veterans the transition back into civilian life is difficult. As a nation, we need to set our priorities so that these individuals can be integrated back into our society in a positive and meaningful way. Educational opportunities and programs must be part of that process. This story looks a one university’s efforts to help.



Making A Difference
The events of September 11th have changed America forever. Over the past decade Americans have witnessed other events that have had an impact on the daily lives of our citizens. Hurricane Katrina, the BP oil spill, and a host a smaller incidents throughout the country. Closer to home, the impact of Hurricane Sandy has proven to be a catastrophe for certain areas. Each of these events placed considerable demand for assistance on the local first responders. In many situations, volunteers from local communities could have contributed greatly to the recovery. However, while the need was great, the number of volunteers was insufficient. Working in collaboration with the U. S. Department of Homeland Security, Sacred Heart University is working to resolve this problem. The goal is to create the Emergency Reserve Corps.



American-Cuban Cultural Collaboration Project
In the spring of 2003, Vision Project initiated the idea of a cross-cultural collaboration with the Taller Experimental Grafica of Cuba, the School of Visual Arts in New York and Vision Project. After viewing a series of photographs taken of the September 11th - World Trade Center Disaster by Vision Project’s President, Richard Falco, the groups decided to create a collective statement about this transforming global event. The purpose of the project was to highlight the fact that people from all over the world share many of the same hopes and fears and that we are united by our humanity more than we are divided by it. The goal of the project is to show that art and photography can build bridges of understanding that can traverse the political, social or economic divisions that often separate nations.