Vision Project seeks to create in-depth, investigative documentations.   Our mediums are photography, film and multimedia.

          Over the next two years, Vision Project will focus on:

                   1. Healthcare, Medicine and Healing

                   2. Energy and the Environment

                   3. Hunger and Food

We will also work on other projects that focus on issues, research and/or investigative journalism related to the concerns of VP's mission.

All of our documentations are seen first in our online services. The images and material are then integrated into our archive and made available for public research and usage. We actively pursue other outlets for the material: books, magazines and periodicals, and exhibitions. The material is also utilized by our education program and presented at seminars, lectures and workshops.

Vision Project will work to help facilitate projects on our own or work in conjunction with schools, universities, other research organizations, foundations, scholars and/or individuals who have a clear and independent vision in line with Vision Project's values.

VP is very interested in working directly with writers, scholars & other academics on larger in depth projects where the ultimate goal is to produce books or other kinds of documentaries.

VP will make a special effort to work with NGO's and other Non Profits to help them document their programs and work.

For more information call, or email us at: