Photography, video and the documents that are created from these mediums are key components of the information age. They are critical to the creation of public awareness and the resulting policies that affect or change our society. Vision Project was created to advance this process and provide access in an electronic format, to people all across the globe. To reach these goals, we have assembled a group of talented professionals with extensive expertise in photography, journalism, multimedia, video, design and education. Our goal is to provide insights and perspective.

Vision Project works to develop, fund and produce documentary projects of photography, film, video and the written word. The subject matter focuses on areas related to: the arts; culture; education; the environment; history; health care; human condition; human rights; science & technology and social issues related to society.

We seek to support projects that create insights and understanding about society and the world we live in.

Realizing the importance that truth and investigative research play in our society, Vision Project seeks to become a place where in depth study can be conducted and made available to the public. Without the free flow of information, people do not have adequate resources to assess and make decisions relevant to their lives or to create public policies or laws that affect the society. The evolution of our society is dependent upon the decisions we make today.

Because the resources, financing, production, distribution and access to documentary, journalistic or social research is becoming more and more controlled, restricted or manipulated due to corporate globalization, government intervention and/or the dictates of the commercial market place; in depth, independent work is becoming extremely difficult to accomplish. When evaluating the importance these independent voices contribute to the society, Vision Project seeks to create a venue where ideas, exploration and the completion of such work can be achieved.

The material produced by Vision Project is available to individuals, scholars, educational organizations and policy makers, etc. for usage or further research. This material will be placed into VP’s archive/database and made accessible to the public.

Individual vision can become a beacon that serves as a catalyst to human understanding and enlightenment. Vision Project seeks to provide a place where this creativity can grow, nourish and find an outlet.

We believe that documentary work is a testament of our times. These documents bear witness to who we are. They mark points of focus that serve to illuminate what we think, what we do and where we are going as a society.