Vision Project offers a variety of educational programs. Our programs teach the skills and disciplines necessary to work in a digital environment. The main focus is on digital photography, film/video and the use of creative software programs. We offer seminars and workshops as well as one week and full semester courses. Emphasis is placed on social consciousness and making a contribution to society. They are about creating insights and making a difference.

Vision Project is always interested in exploring ways to collaborate with schools, universities, and other educational organizations to help them develop programs. These programs can be conducted within the confines of the given institution or outside at sites determined to benefit the program at hand. We will work to custom design a program to fit the needs of an institution.

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Over the last few years, VP has worked with a number of institutions and organizations.

Ongoing, Current and Future Education projects:

Vision Project would like to announce our involvement in a Graduate Degree Program in Digital/Multimedia Journalism and Broadcast Journalism at Sacred Heart University. Click to view video.

The program is known as: MACOMM (Masters in Communication). Not only are we an integral part of the program, we are helping them build and structure the curriculum.  Vision Project's President, Richard Falco, serves as the Coordinator of Multimedia Journalism in the Masters in Communication program and Vision Project's Associate Director, Joe Alicastro, serves as the Coordinator of News and Broadcasting.

Vision Project has been working with Sacred Heart University in Fairfield,Connecticut for a number of years. We also teach four full semester undergraduate courses in digital and documentary photography and digital journalism and film. We are integrating a number of Vision Project's media projects with the University’s – Communication & Media Studies Department. (We now maintain a satellite office on campus).

The Schine Auditorium on Sacred Heart's campus has been the site of many of our "Photography In A Digital World" presentations.

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Vision Project has created a series of study abroad workshops in affiliation with Sacred Heart University. These workshops are designed to give the student an opportunity to explore the culture, place and people we visit using digital photography. The programs will help students develop the skills, discipline and insights necessary to create documentary productions. At the same time, participants will submerse themselves in the culture of the places we visit. We could not create a better situation for the student to begin to understand the workings of a real documentary assignment.

Focus is placed on making strong visual images and developing picture stories.

Emphasis will be placed on the ‘process’ of creating documentary work. This will encompass everything from preparation, gathering information, equipment, shooting the pictures, the importance of editing and learning to think on your feet. There will be daily assignments in addition to individual projects determined by the student. At the end of every day there will be a critique & discussion about the day’s work. As a class, the collective goal will be to create a comprehensive portrait of areas we visit.

You do not need to be a student at Sacred Heart University in order to participate in the program.

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We are working with the New York Film Academy on an oncoming basis as lecturers in Broadcast & Multimedia Journalism program. In these workshops, students are trained in the fundamental principles, techniques, and craft of contemporary journalism. This is accomplished through a combination of lecture, demonstration, and in-class hands-on production.


We are producing an ongoing lecture series called: Photography In A Digital World. This series is given at locations throughout the New York Metropolitan Area. This series presents renowned individuals from the fields of photography, design, journalism, film and new media. 

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We will be working on several projects in affiliation with ArtsWestchester - Westchester Arts Council.

    a. In affiliation with the Westchester Arts Council, Vision Project does an internship program teaching high school and college students digital photography and journalism.  The program includes instruction in digital photography, journalism, photoshop and digital design. The students create a photographic documentation of the City of White Plains. This project culminates with an exhibition and digital presentation of their work at the Art Council's Gallery.

    b. We do a series of “Artist in Residency” at high schools throughout Westchester County, NY. These five and ten day workshops in digital photography, journalism and documentary photography will be integrated into existing high school curriculums and work in conjunction with the departments of art and photography; english and journalism; history and social studies; etc.


Past programs:


Richard Falco reviews portfolios on Career Day of the graduating students from ICP’s One-Year Certificate Program & ICP Bard MFA Program.  

On October 13, 2010 Vision Project’s, Associate Director, Joe Alicastro, will be giving a presentation on “Convergence of Conventional Broadcasting & New Media” at the Media Training Conference for Media Executives of the Jiangsu Broadcasting Corporation of China at Columbia University at 1:00pm in New York City.

We will be conducting a program with the Scarsdale Teachers Institute starting again in October 2010.  The program will work with teachers from the district focusing on digital journalism and documentary photography and how it can be integrated into the middle and high school classroom. The program is open to teachers from all disciplines.

On November 10, 2010, Vision Project's, President, Richard Falco, will be giving a presentation for the Ground Glass Photographic Society in Hastings-On-Hudson.  The presentation will focus on documentary photography.  The event will take place at the John E. Andrus Community CEnter at 7:00pm.

State University of New York at Purchase College 
Working in the Digital World: A series of one-day workshops called. This series presented renowned individuals from the fields of photography, journalism, design, and new media. This series took place in the Fall and Spring semesters of 2009/2010.

     1) Images that Affects People - with Richard Falco
     2) The Digital Journalist - with Joe Alicastro
     3) Introduction to Digital Imaging - with Scott Nobles
     4) Dreamweaver: Market Yourself with Html email - with Lisa Maxwell
     5) Portfolio Development Using Adobe’s InDesign - with Lisa Maxwell

California Association of Hospitals & Health Systems Conference (CAHHS)
A three-day conference held on March 17-19, 2010 in Sacramento, CA. The keynote speaker was Vision Project’s President, Richard Falco. We also conducted workshops on how healthcare organizations can use documentary images for education and awareness.

A Special Event Presentation – Haiti: A Long Suffering Road
Moderated by Vision Project’s President, Richard Falco, the event will include presentations by Vision Project’s Associate Director and ex-NBC producer, Joseph Alicastro; June-Ann Greeley, Ph.D., Chairperson, Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies at Sacred Heart University, and Professor Stephane Jasmin Kirven, from the Department of Criminal Justice at Sacred Heart University. The program focused on Haiti’s development as a nation to the catastrophe of the recent earthquake. A film documentary, along with photographic presentations and news clips were shown. These presentations were followed by a public forum focusing on the issues of poverty, social justice, human rights and the country’s evolving conditions related to the earthquake. The program took place on February 9, 2010 at the Schine Auditorium at Sacred Heart University.

Yale University
We documented a symposium on "Rice Biotechnology".

Pace University
Vision Project’s President, Richard Falco, participated with several photojournalists and scholars in a panel presentation focusing on:  Photography and the Hidden: Revealing the Socially Invisible. Mr. Falco presented his documentary on: Rural Healthcare in America. This took place on April 19, 2009. Click here for more information

International Photography Program
In January of 2009, Vision Project created its first international photography program. The program was done in affiliation with the Vito-Clarke Foundation, the Children’s Fund and a local school on the Caribbean Island of Dominica. The three-week program taught students digital photography. They documented the villages in which they live.

PBS/THIRTEEN: Celebration of Teaching and Learning Convention
Held in New York City in the Spring of 2008. The focus was on Science, Technology and Global Awareness. Vision Project's President, Richard Falco, gave one of the convention's keynote speeches. Click here for more information.

Scarsdale School District
We created a ten-week program in documentary photography, as well as, participating in the district's, Human Rights Day.

Santa Fe Photographic Workshops
A week-long workshop was done in New Mexico in June 2007.

Human Rights Symposium
In affiliation with the Holocaust & Human Rights Education Center and the Human Rights Institute at Manhattanville College on March 17, 2007. We created an exhibition of photographs focusing on the refugee crisis in Africa.

School of Visual Arts
A twelve-week course in documentary photography called, “Witness to Our Times"

Arts For Anyone
We are worked with this educational organization in affiliation with their program entitled, Global Neighborhood. Vision Project conducted seminars & workshops on documentary photography and the power of the photographic image. Arts For Anyone has partnered with schools in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, England, Australia and Turkey. The goal of the program is to help students understand other cultures as they examine and learn to better communicate about their own. Since 2006, we have visited schools in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

New School for Social Research
A class in documentary photography was taught in New York City.

New England Photographic Workshops
We did several one-day workshops with the in Connecticut.

Theater Arts Production Company School (TAPCO)
We conducted a documentary seminar at the in the Bronx, NY. TAPCO is a charter school within the New York City school system. The program was in affiliation with the Dolan Art Academy and the Children's Aid Society

Briarcliff High School
A ten-day program was done in the spring of 2007 focusing on documentary photography and web design.

Blythedale Children's Hospital
A workshop in digital photography was done with the hospital’s Art Therapy Department. The children who live in the hospital are severely handicapped. They used the camera to create personal journals through photography.

The Center for the Arts & State University of New York
Vision Project designed and produced a week-long symposium called, "PhotoWeek." The program was conducted at the Westchester County Center. The event included workshops, lectures, demonstrations, and seminars by some of the photo world's leading professionals. Click here to download a schedule of events.

Greenburgh School District
Working with the social studies department, the students created a photographic documentary entitled: My Community.

Barnard College
We participated in a one-day seminar at in New York.

Tuckahoe High School
We taught a four-day workshop at in digital photography.

Yonkers School District
We created a fifteen-day program to teach middle school students documentary photography. The students produced a documentation called, "My Community."

A number of other projects are being discussed with other schools and organizations. We are always interested in exploring ways to work with schools, universities and other educational organizations that can help establish potential collaborations.

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