Essence du Benin
a film by Oak Stories
Aguas Negras
a film by Janet Jarman
Land Grabbing Or Land To Investors
a documentary by Alfredo Bini
The Comfort Of Acceptance
a photo essay by Leah Nash
The Miracle Man
a production by Marc Maignan
Coffee Equality In Kenya
a fllm by Steve Shelton & Kent Truog
Ellis Island
a fllm by Pasquale Anselmi

Open Wounds - Bhopal Second Disaster
a fllm by Alex Masi

Cornish Lads Are Fishermen
a fllm by Bob Krist

The Smiling Hearts Clown Squad
a fllm by Kirsty Griffin
Eel Water Rock Man
a fllm by Hal Clifford & Jason Houston

Never Coming Home
images by Andrew Litchenstein

-Photography by Krystian Bielatowicz