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  Along The Water's Edge  

Along The Water's Edge

Lauren Owens Lambert

Aerial photography made possible by Lighthawk

Climate change is causing serious damage to communities across New England, with the rise of sea levels and storm surges strong enough to drown out major metropolises and drive out half of the global population that now lives close to the water. Sea levels are rising at an alarming rate, with projections for some coastal cities as high as 7-10 feet by the end of the century. Boston and surrounding areas feeling the pressure and are not sitting idle.

The effects of climate change have been devastating for those Massachusetts towns and communities along the water’s edge, where intensifying storms and flooding have ruined both homes and livelihoods. Facing the threat of rising sea levels, many coastal residents are deciding to stay and adapt their homes and infrastructure, rather than relocate. “If you don’t want to risk losing your home don’t build on Plum Island,” says Verne Fisher, a resident for more than 20 years. “If you love this environment and the way of life you take the risk.”