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To Live

Romina Hendlin

This is the story about the journey of a man following his dreams. Maickel Melamed was born with his umbilical cord wrapped around his throat. He could not breathe for the first minutes of his life. This caused him to have severe motor disabilities. The doctors thought he would only survive for a couple of days. Today, he is 37 years old.

Over the years, Maickel learned how to transform his disability into his strength. He decided to run the NYC Marathon as a way to inspire people to achieve their goals. He always says: “If you dream it, make it happen”

As a friend of Maickel, I had great access to intimate moments, but it was also a big challenge to photograph his pain and his struggle. For three years, I went to Maickel’s trainings, to his doctor’s appointment, to the conferences he gives as a motivational speaker, and to the races and other marathons he ran to train for his biggest goal.

Maickel is determine to run the five major marathons in the world. He has already finished the New York and Berlin marathons. Next year, he will run in London and Chicago and in 2014 he will finish with the Boston marathon.

His courage is a testament to the human spirit.