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  September 11th  

Richard Falco

September 11th To Bear Witness

Shortly after the towers went down my only thoughts were to get to the site.  My head was swirling in shock, confusion and concern.  It was not as if I had never witnessed what men were capable of doing to one another before.  Yet somehow this was different.  Somewhere inside I knew we were all embarking on a new  era.  This was just the beginning.  People, at times, ask me why I take the pictures I do.  My reason is always the same.  "To bear witness."  I want my images to serve as a witness to our times.  If they can create some small token of insight and understanding, then I will feel I have achieved some measure of success.

After spending several days at gound zero, I did not wish to simply photograph the horror of this event.  My goal is to show that no matter how difficult the task or how evil the moment, there are also individuals who will rush toward adversity and reach out their hearts and their hands to help others rise above the ashes.