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  Making the Invisible, Visible - Mexicans in New York  

Making the Invisible, Visible
Mexicans In New York

Cinthya Santos Briones

In 2011, I moved to New York City following the migration of some members of an indigenous Mexican community that I knew. Influenced by human rights struggles and social anthropology, my work focused on documenting the common ground where migration, human rights, gender, identity and culture intersect.

My goal was to capture moments that tell stories that further the social capital of vulnerable communities that live in the shadows. As a photojournalist, my work focuses on rendering visible, through the eye of the camera, the invisible communities.

The primary objective is to make known the lives of these Mexican migrants who live in this transnational space and show how it has redefinition of their identities, as well as their social struggles and plights.

It is my hope to facilitate, through the power of the image, a scenario where I can make visible the invisibility of many in these communities, whose names and faces, their very humanity, is systematically denied.