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  Homeland - Danube Delta  

Homeland - Danube Delta
Alex Tomazatos

Danube Delta is located in eastern Romania, where Danube river meets the Black Sea. This region was oppressed by the communist rule which aimed towards intensive agriculture and was declared Biosphere Reserve in 1992 by UNESCO.  Danube is Europe’s second largest river and its delta is also the continent’s second largest one.

It is a biodiversity hotspot that draws thousands of visitors annually. The area is host to 2440 insect species, 1830 plant species, 320 bird species and more than 130 species of fish. It is also the home to some 14000 Romanians, Russian, Lipovans and Hahol (Ukrainians). They live in 25 rural settlements and share less than 20 percent of the delta’s land. The rest is water and marshland.

Although a popular destination for Romanians and foreigners alike, many of the delta’s people live in poverty and isolation. The population is aging and the youth are leaving for better opportunities in the country or abroad.