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  Body Image  

Body Image

Nicole Croteau

Body image is an important subject that is often dismissed. It is an issue that affects many women yet many are too uncomfortable to discuss it. They push the issue away rather than face the fact that we are a society that feeds into a system that destroys the self-esteem of women. It is a system that no one wants to change due to the financial profits that it creates. This is an ongoing problem that needs to be addressed because of the emotional and psychological effects it can have on an individual.

In my photographs, I tried to show the constant struggle that a woman can face in-regard-to body image. The way she views herself is something that is constantly being affected by everything around her. This includes magazines, social media, television, peers, and many other factors. The way that one views oneself is a constant battle that can ignite serious consequences.

My hope is that my images will provide the way to look into the lives of others and see the struggles that they face.